Established in 1996, The Jeffrey Matthews Financial Group works closely with its clientele to help them navigate the financial markets and develop strategies to build and sustain their wealth. Our clients include retail, high net worth individuals, charitable foundations, institutional clients, 401K/pension plans and bond funds.

Jeffrey Matthews prides itself on our origins as a specialty provider of municipal bonds, a tool for wealth preservation and tax-free fixed income that embodies our longstanding commitment to putting customers’ interests first. However, in order to keep pace with today’s complex markets and customer needs, we have evolved into a full service securities brokerage firm. We offer a complete range of products and services, including fixed income securities, equities, mutual funds and insurance. Jeffrey Matthews understands clients’ specific goals, providing them a comprehensive financial review that takes into account wealth accumulation, preservation and protection. We also offer access to financial education and we will work in coordination with clients’ tax attorneys, estate planners and legal advisors.

In addition, investment advisory services are offered through Jeffrey Matthews Wealth Management, LLC, a company under common control with The Jeffrey Matthews Financial Group.

As of December 31, 2014, Jeffrey Matthews has helped customers invest over $1.2 billion in assets held at its clearing firm, RBC Clearing & Custody, as well as other financial institutions.