Industry Memberships:  Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC).

FINRA Notice:  Pursuant to FINRA Rule 2280, The Jeffrey Matthews Financial Group, LLC, would like to make you aware of an important brochure offered by FINRA regarding investing and its associated risks.  You may request the FINRA Investor Brochure by calling the FINRA hotline at (800) 289-9999 or visiting their website at  Information regarding the process of verifying registration and disclosure information related to registered representatives and broker/dealer entities is also available through these sources.

Compliance Department:  The Jeffrey Matthews Financial Group, LLC’s Compliance Department is responsible for establishing and maintaining policies and procedures designed to ensure the Firm’s compliance with industry laws, rules, and regulations.  If you have any questions regarding regulatory compliance or you would like to discuss your account with Firm management, please contact:

Stephen Cucchia
Chief Compliance Officer
30B Vreeland Road, Suite 210
Florham Park, NJ 07932
(888) 467-3636 ext. 473

Clearing Firm:  The Jeffrey Matthews Financial Group, LLC clears its brokerage operations on a fully disclosed basis through RBC Correspondent Services (“RBC CS”), a division of RBC Capital Markets Corporation (“RBC CM”).  As our clearing firm, RBC CS performs certain centralized cashiering, recordkeeping, and execution functions for your cash, margin, retirement or other brokerage accounts.  In addition, RBC CS handles the delivery and receipt of securities purchased or sold by clients, receives and distributes dividends and other distributions, processes exchange offers, rights offerings, warrant exercises, tender offers, and redemptions. RBC CM also extends credit for the purchase or sale of securities in margin accounts in accordance with the margin agreement between you and RBC CM.

Accordingly, all checks remitted for deposit to your account must be made payable to “RBC CS” and should reference your Jeffrey Matthews Financial Group account number. Company policy prohibits the Firm from accepting cashiers, bank, or treasurers checks issued by a bank for an amount LESS THAN $10,000. Further information about this policy will be provided by contacting the Compliance Department.

RBC CS reserves the right to charge separate interest for securities purchased in cash accounts when payment is received past settlement date. RBC CS charges fees related to inactive accounts, the deposit of physical certificates of certain low priced securities, margin extensions, wire transfers, overnight delivery, and similar activities. These fees will be assessed to each client account as applicable. Please contact the Compliance Department with any questions.

Please note that when you deliver securities or funds to The Jeffrey Matthews Financial Group, LLC, we immediately forward them to RBC CM.  We do not hold any customer securities or funds in our offices.  Your account assets held at RBC CM are protected by the Securities Investors Protection Corporation (“SIPC”), which protects brokerage clients in the event of the failure of a member firm.  SIPC reimburses clients the cash value of their securities up to $500,000 per client. Any cash in a client’s account would be reimbursed by SIPC up to 250,000 (reducing the $500,000 above).  RBC CM has purchased an additional policy that provides coverage in excess of the SIPC protection, covering an additional $99.5 million per client, subject to a $400 million aggregate limit. This includes protection for cash (credit balances not money market funds) of up to $900,000 over the $250,000 provided by SIPC.  Neither SIPC protection, nor the additional protection purchased by RBC CM, covers a decline in the value of a customer’s assets due to market loss.  You can obtain information about SIPC, including the SIPC brochure, by visiting the organizations website at or by contacting them at (202) 371-8300.

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